SEEC provides relay testing kits on a rental basis so that you can save time and start your testing activities faster. Our testing kits are regularly calibrated, well-maintained, fully certified and work seamlessly. The following kits are available on a rental basis:

  • Doble F6150e Power System Simulator (relay testing kit)
    • Standard relay calibration and verification testing of high burden and microprocessor relays
    • Analog testing of 1A and 5A protection devices
    • State simulation and transient testing
    • 0.2-class metering CTs and transducers
    • Maximum of 12 sources (six voltage, six current) configurable for bench testing and proof-of-concept testing for complicated relaying schemes
    • Delivers full VA power with resistive, inductive and capacitive loads at maximum current rating (6×35, 3×70, 1×210 amps)
    • We also provide a laptop to control all sources for basic, manual protection testing
  • Scope CRM 100 (Contact Resistance measurement kit)
    • Contact Resistance measurement of Isolators
    • Contact Resistance measurement of Bus bars
    • Contact Resistance measurement of critical joints
  • SEV 1000A Primary Injection Testing Kit
  • SEV Hi-pot Testing Kit 70kV DC/30kV AC
    • Cable testing
    • Bus bar testing

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